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Case Challenge

My Role


UX Designer




Design a functional learning app for travellers on the go about to head to a foreign country with no knowledge on the language.


There are little language applications offerring a user a fast, quick and easy way to learn a language. 

There seemed to be a gap in the market being able to offer the user both an option for simple translation and educate them on the culture .

The Solution

Designing a functional language app directed toward adults on the go with a love for travel

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Research Methods

Competitor Research



Usability Studies


Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Competitors are either offering extensive lessons not suited towards our target market or very basic vocabulary and app.

None of the apps offering the user a fun, basic and easy experience with any information on the cultural background of the language.

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User Interviews

To understand and learn more about the painpoints of learning apps for travel I interviewed 4 users who have travelled to foriegn countries where their native language was not spoken.

In future, I would interview more users to gain additional learnings and patterns.

The key findings from my interviews were:

1. Users have no time, busy life, busy schedules. How can they learn fully prior to a trip.

2. They need something thats easy can be done there or on the plane just like google translate for easy communication

3. Users need ease- when put in a stressful situation they do not need a clunky or over informative app. They need results fast

Creating Learn Lingo

With these insights in mind, I went on with developing a user flow, wireframes and prototype to capture all of the insights collected.

User Flow

A user flow was designed to help aid with understanding all of the dynamics and functionality which was to be included from the insights gathered from the user interviews.

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User Testing

Prototypes were tested on a small amount of users. I asked the users to go through various tasks noting any issues along the way. Due to being quite a simple application one thing that stood out was the frustration of scrolling.

''Argh, I just want to know how to say ''Can I have an icecream!''

One thing that I completely missed which was in my original wireframing - The Search function! This makes it easier for an on the go user who's trying to avoid any embaressing situations!

High Fidelity Designs

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Choose you category for the day - are you on the go and wanting to go Siteseeing?


Are you at a resturant and dont know how to order? Maybe the Phrases category is right for you!


Are you on your way to the airport and wanting to test yourself on the basic language? Do a Challenge

Culture & Ettiquette - The user can learn tips and tricks! From manners to fun facts on the culture!

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Creating an app from start to finish was great fun! It taught me greater skills in figma and I enjoyed the journey.

In future, I feel that user interviews could have been done more extensivley to gain greater insights.

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